Wendover Flower Festival. Sunday 3 May.
Wing Carnival. Saturday 18 July.
Wing over-60s Lunch Club Christmas Concert. Wednesday 2 December.
Wing Carol Concert. Sunday 13 December.

Spring Concert, The Cottesloe School, Wing. Saturday 19 March.
Annual Parish Meeting, Wing. Thursday 26 May.
Party in the Park, Wing. Saturday 11 June.
HM The Queen’s 90th birthday service, Wing Parish Church, Sunday 12 June.
Overstone Combined School, Wing, summer fête, Saturday 25 June.
Wedding, Wing Parish Church, Saturday 1 October.
Carols, Wing Parish Church, Saturday 26 November.
Carols, RAF Halton, Friday 2 December.
Wing Carol Concert, Wing Village Hall, Sunday 11 December.
Over-60s Lunch Club Carols, Wing Village Hall, Thursday 15 December.

Spring Concert, All Saints Church, Wing, Saturday 25 March.
Wing Fest, Jubilee Green, Wing, Saturday 15 July.
Wedding, All Saints Church, Wing, Saturday 19 August.
Masterclass tuition and charity concert, St Mary’s Church, Wendover, Saturday 18 November.
Carols at Christmas Fayre, All Saints Church, Wing, Saturday 25 November.
Wedding, Old Dairy, Waddesdon Manor, Friday 8 December.
Afternoon and evening Carol Concerts, Wing Village Hall, Sunday 10 December.
Over-60s Lunch Club Carols, Wing Village Hall, Wednesday 13 December.

Milton Keynes Festival of The Arts choral competition, The Ridgeway Centre, Friday 9 March.
Wedding, All Saints Church, Wing, Saturday 7 April.
Annual Parish Meeting, Wing Village Hall, Thursday 10 May.
Summer Concerts, All Saints Church, Wing, Saturday 9 June.

Separate details will always be provided nearer the time of the event and the times shown are those of the actual performance (Choir members are always invited to take part, but there will never be any pressure to perform).

Saturday 24 November, carols at Wing Parish Church Christmas Fayre, 11:30am-12:15pm.
Sunday 9 December, afternoon and evening Carol Concerts, Wing Village Hall.

Friday 15 March, MK Festival of the Arts Choral Competition.
Saturday 22 June, Summer Concerts, matinée and evening.


Until the 2018 summer break, all rehearsals are in the Wing Village Hall on the following Sundays at the times shown (doors are open 30 minutes earlier and a warm-up session starts 15 minutes before the rehearsal):


1 July (6:00pm-7:00pm) (followed by soirée)
15 July (5:30pm-6:30pm)
22 July (6:00pm-7:00pm) (followed by end of term finalé soirée)


Unless otherwise shown, from September 2018 all rehearsals are longer and the standard form of the rehearsal evenings in Wing Village Hall will be:

4:30pm open doors and set up
4:45pm warm up
5:00pm session 1
6:00pm tea break and notices
6:20pm session 2
7:15pm finish rehearsal and pack away
7:30pm lock doors

2 September (tbc)
9 September
16 (+ soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm.
23 September
30 September

7 October
14 October (+ soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm.

4 November
11 November
18 November (+ soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm
25 November

2 December
16 December (+ ‘end of term soirée’) – doors locked 8:00pm.


6 January
13 January
20 January (+ soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm.
27 January

3 February
10 February (+ soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm.

3 March
10 March
17 March
24 March (+ soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm.
31 March

28 April followed by AGM).

5 May
12 May (+ soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm.
19 May

2 June
9 June
16 June
21 June (Friday) Concert rehearsal at venue. Time to follow.
30 June

7 July
14 July
21 July (finalé soirée) – doors locked 8:00pm.