Membership of The Wing Singers is open to all ages (including accompanied children) and all standards, from absolute beginners to confident and able singers.

Membership fees, reviewed annually at the choir AGM (Annual General Meeting), are payable by all adult members.  Payments can be made on a termly or annual basis and there is also the facility to ‘pay as you go’.  Members under the age or 18 or those over 18 and in full time education are exempt of fees.  Membership fees are necessary to cover at least the cost of:

– rental of the rehearsal hall,
– the accompanist’s fees,
– Performing Rights royalties and
– Public Liability and ‘All Risks’ equipment insurance.

The termly fee for 2019/20, commencing on 1 April, is £20 per adult, paid in advance.   Any member or prospective member unable to afford a subscription should speak with or contact the Choir Secretary (see ‘Contact’ page) or Treasurer, as assistance in paying the subscription is a possibility.

Members are expected to buy their own set of the choir’s selected music scores, which are ordered centrally through a choir member (the total cost of these since the choir’s formation in 2015 is only about £70).  Until their own sets arrive, a few library copies of the evening’s music scores are available for new members (or visitors) to borrow during each rehearsal evening.

Funding. You can raise money for the choir when you shop online, at no extra cost to yourself. See the ‘Funding’ page for details.